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We help companies retain and engage their best people by having the right career conversations at the right time

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Mobility in the marketplace has never been higher. For many companies, employee engagement and talent retention are key problems and an expensive drain on resources.

People want different things out of their careers and they need to talk to you about it. We help companies improve their employee engagement, talent retention and internal mobility through having regular career conversations. This is important because if you are not talking to your people about their future, the competition or recruiters are.

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What makes us tick?
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We’ve made career matters our business for over 15 years.

We’ve developed a unique narrative-based career coaching method that works across all cultures and industries to obtain the best results for your business, even when times are challenging….

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Employee Engagement

As many as 50% of people are always on the look out for a new opportunity. Tenure has been massively reduced, with 2 years in a firm now the norm. Career conversations are the first and easiest employee engagement tool- when someone feels that a person in their business is taking a personal interest in them and their future, they are more engaged and productive as a result.

Internal Mobility

Most companies could improve their talent retention and internal mobility through having quality career conversations with their talent. These simple and engaging talks, can help managers to identify potential, develop their people in line with their personal aspirations and give signposts to opportunities that exist within the company.

Business Continuity

Some of the companies we work with have up to 40% turnover each year. This means they are spending a lot of time finding, hiring, training new people only to have them walk out the door quite quickly. We work with companies to identify why this is and to assure business continuity.

Employer Brand

Attractive employer brand means more than just a fat salary and fancy perks. The companies that stay close to the needs, aspirations and desires of their employees and respond to these intelligently, will remain ahead of the game. We help your talent find their way round your company rather than their way out.

Remote Workforce

Many companies now have lots of people working remotely. To keep this community engaged and close, we can develop business apps and other digital tools that provide your people with good quality careers education no matter where you are in the world.

We've got it!

We provide inspiring talks, practical corporate training and bespoke digital solutions, that help you:

Re-define your career models and messaging so your people know what to expect and who to talk to about their professional growth.

Empower individuals to own and take charge of their careers and their internal mobility.

Build the capability of managers and coaches to have quality career conversations that will increase employee engagement, employee performance and enhance your employer brand.

Why Us?

Career matters in 2018.

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Julie Arnell

“Erica worked with MSD to design and deliver a career coaching and employee engagement one-day event for 150 People Managers. The career method was just what we needed and was delivered by Erica and a colleague who immediately built rapport and impact with a large audience. The feedback from the attendees was extremely positive and I have no doubt that results will follow.”

Julie Arnell - Associate Director of Human Resources, MSD
Great organisations are all about their people. We help people all over the world to own their career plan and build a clear vision of their career path in your organisation.

Our unique careers matters method is based on ‘The Heroes Journey’, a personalised, timeless and universal framework, redefined as a career model for the modern age by Erica Sosna in her first book “Your Life Plan”.

Take a closer look at our Career Coaching section.

Is it worth it?
Our consulting practice advises companies on their career strategies and provides people with great career education.

This is what our corporate clients and people we work with have to say:

Laura Toovey-Roussel

“Erica was the inaugural speaker at our internal Learning and Development program, Swan School. She presented 'How to be the Hero of Your Own Story' to our team in an entertaining, useful and engaging way. Many of the themes presented were relevant to our working lives as well as outside the office, and I walked in the next morning to hear people still talking about the session. A great way to start our L&D program and will be recommending Erica to others!”

Lara Toovey-Roussel - Communications Manager at Black Swan Data
Erica Sosna talk at Swan School

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Andrew Eden

“Erica injects excitement, enthusiasm and unique ways of tackling the often tricky task of career development and ensuring success on our staff. She offers a fun and engaging approach to the career development story, testing and developing straightforward but extremely effective tools to help others understand their own personal drivers and what success means to them. I immediately put her tools into practice with my own team!”

Andrew Eden - Environment Agency
Dan Bright

“Erica was great to work with as I embarked on a career change and setting up my own consulting business. She was a great sounding board to work through ideas and approaches and was very helpful when it came to getting what I wanted and not compromising. She’s really good at working with individuals to do the ‘hard thinking’ and really focus on what they want to do.”

Dan Bright - Brighter CRM
Dan Bright's story

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