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Work one-on-one with Erica and learn how to discover your true potential.



A powerful program that will help you find a new career.



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Most of us didn’t choose our career. It just sort of ‘happened’ to us. Let me get you started on the route to true fulfilment! 

Erica has not only got me “unstuck” on more than one occasion but has provided advice and suggestions that have helped move my business idea and my relationships forward. She is web and social media savvy and has provided me with insights that I might have got from a professional consultant – all as part of the service. Best of all she is super company!

Lucy Davies

Entrepreneur and Business Owner,

I think I personally learned a great deal about confidence and success from you. When we first met I had no idea that it was possible to make my dreams a reality, but you showed me that all the resources I needed were already available to me, and you gave me the confidence to practically carry out my vision even when I felt hemmed in by what others might think of me. This happened again when I was in Devon thinking about how to step into the unknown, and thanks to that conversation we had over the phone I plucked up the courage to follow my heart.

Louisa Michel

Entrepreneur and Business Owner,

You have literally turned my life around! I now have a clear plan for my business and am absolutely sure I will get there. I loved the work on my mission statement too ­ helping me remember that my family is the inspiration for me in this.

Karen Burr

Media and Film Translation