Is It Time For Your Career Breakthrough?

Your Breakthrough is a 4-part, interactive, video-based programme that enables mid-career professionals to overcome their fear of change, discover their ideal career and make a great living from doing what they love.

Whether you’re looking to make a move into a completely new industry, to go freelance and be your own boss, or are looking for your next role in your existing sector, Your Breakthrough will give you a simple and effective step-by-step method to clarify what you want out of your work and go make them happen. 

Get started for just £497 or 3 payments of £167

Get started for just £497 or 3 payments of £167


Career Clarity

Discover exactly what success means to you and learn how to decide on your next steps. 

Make The Switch

Have a practical, and structured plan of action to get you from A to B without a paycut or a headache

Own Your Story

Be the empowered, happy hero of your own career story. So you just love coming to work. 

OMG this is a fantastic course – so practical and helpful! Your Breakthrough has given me absolute clarity about my top priorities and my life plan is taking shape,  everything fits together like a jigsaw. Plans and goals that once seemed unreachable are now achievable and I am taking action to realise them.

Peter B.

Your Breakthrough Graduate

Are you…

Worried that it’s too late to make a change?
Trapped in the wrong role, in an environment where you can hardly breathe?
Confused and wondering how did you get here? And more importantly, how the heck can you get out of here?
Lost searching for a role that meets all the different aspects of your skill set?
Frustrated that you don’t know where to start or how to get out of this funk?
Resentful at everyone else who seems to have this figured out? Why isn’t it easier for you? 


Waking up with so much more energy, excited to start the day.
Working in an environment that makes you feel alive, positive and energized.
Having a career that you believe in, with people you respect.
Accomplishing true work-life balance, so you can enjoy all parts of your week.

It’s possible inside the Your Breakthrough Programme!

 If the fear of change is keeping you stuck in a career that no longer works for you, what you need is a breakthrough.

Your Breakthrough is for you if…

If you want to learn how to make the most of who you are, be all you can be and design a working life that you really love, then Your Breakthrough is for you.

My clients tend to fall into three categories:

  1. The Career Navigator – You need to make a career change and want a framework to help you do it with confidence
  2. The Freedom Seeker – You want to escape the 9-5 and be your own boss
  3. The Rabbit in Headlights – You know exactly what you want to do but you don’t do it.

If you are in any of these situations, this programme is guaranteed to help you.

You have lifetime access to Your Breakthrough, so you can refer back to the material or retake the modules anytime you like. Plus we are always improving the programme, so you benefit from all the updates along the way, at no extra cost! 

How Does Your Breakthrough Work?

The Your Breakthrough programme is delivered in weekly modules and consists of high impact video tutorials direct from Erica, interactive workbooks and practical podcasts. All of the training is online and lives on the Your Breakthrough membership site. You also get to join live group coaching calls with Erica, once a fortnight, for an entire year from the date that you join!

Module 1: Your Breakthrough Mindset

I will reveal how the world of work has changed and how this has created a unique opportunity for you that simply didn’t exist before

Then I will explore with you how you can unlock your potential by designing a working life that suits who you are rather than what the rest of the world thinks is a good for you. 

By the end of the module you will be 100% ready to make the changes needed to transform your career. 

Module 2: The User’s Guide To You

I’m going to show you how… to discover and find yourself so you can design the working life that best suits the real you. You will have absolute clarity on what kind of role is right for who you are and your own personal definition of success. 

And at the end of this module we’ll unlock your unique ‘design statement’ so you will have absolute clarity about who you are, why you are here and what work is going to make you happiest.  

Module 3: Lift Off!

I’m going to teach you how to build a focussed plan so you can know in advance exactly what you need to do to make the next stage of your working life a reality

Lift Off results in a step by step Life Plan Map, so no matter how ambitious your career change looks, you will make confident progress that will get you to your goals.

Module 4: BlockBusters

Here, I’ll show you how to deal with things as you cross over to your new role, job or career switch.

I will give you a method to track your journey so that you don’t doubt the progress you are making when times get rough

And then we will work through a technique for becoming comfortable and flexible in the face of change and make sure you get all the specific support you need to succeed in your new career, achieve your goals and complete the plan. 

The Bonus Section

The training is compact and elegant, giving you everything you need get to the other side! 

And, there’s aways more to share… so I included a range of bonuses to keep your thinking fresh – and I am always adding to these

  1. Fear Reversal – my key podcast to help you get over your fear of change and go do that thing you always wanted to do.
  2. Where You Look Is Where You Go – So you are clear on your career goals but how do you bring your vision to life? This training is designed to help professionals define and visualise their ideal career.
  3. The Secret Resourcing Vault – As a total swot, i am always checking out the best career focussed resources. I share my little library with you so you can gather all the inspiration and information you need to make your career change with ease.
  4. 121 Laser coaching session with Erica. 45 minutes, to cash in whenever you want. With me. 

By the end of the programme you will:

  • Have identified and defined the life design that best suits you

  • Be crystal clear on your own career purpose and your definition of success

  • Removed your fears around career change for good and recovered your sense of possibility 

  • Learned how to turn career daydreams into tangible and practical results

  • Mastered a system of Life Planning that works for any aspect of your life so whatever the project, you can always get started.

  • Developed a robust plan to get you to your career goal and take action straight away

Get started for just £497 or 3 payments of £167

The Your Breakthrough Facebook page is where the community of participants meet.

 Here you can questions, get advice, encouragement and inspiration. It’s also where we go to celebrate when someone gets a great new job! 

  • Online diagnostics

  • Live group coaching

  • Step by step CareerSwitching tools

  • 1-1 time and attention including a 121 with Erica 

  • Your copy of Your Life Plan

  • Secret Facebook Group

  • Pre-recorded  video modules with step by step instructions for career change

If, within 30 days of signing up, you don’t feel you have had real value, you can ask for your money back!

“Thank you for awakening in me a sense of adventure and some confidence. Could never have done it without your support. And you can quote me on that!” 


Charlotte H.

Legal Eagle turned Start Up Head of Operations

The good news is that they offered me the job! I’m really excited about it! I think it¹s a really nice progression, quite different to my current job, but able to use the network and knowledge I have gained over the last few years to put me in good stead. Thanks again for all our conversations. I am in no doubt of their worth in helping me get here.

Chris K.

University I.T to Strategic Operational Educational Adviser

I found our process difficult as you know – and I simply would not have attempted to negotiate this change without you. Thank you so much for getting me back onto my path.

Jason J.

Sales professional returning to his heart felt passion – Art!

Curious about my style? Check out my TED talk on How To Be A Bright Shining Star!

Get started for just £497 or 3 payments of £167

Frequently Asked Questions 

How does this program work?

When you sign up, you will receive a password to my membership site and have access to a number of benefits immediately.

Fortnightly we will have live conference calls, where I will give you a chance to explore the content in more detail.

All the info about the call numbers and international freephone dialing, will be on the membership site. And if you miss the live calls, you can always catch up with the recordings in your own time.

Each week I will release new content for you, keeping you fresh and focused as we proceed through career discovery, mission and a plan of career switching action!!

You will also get access to our Community Group, with a chance to connect with each other , with me and with the material and share experiences.

And finally, you receive a 121 with me that you can cash in at any time. 

What is your refund policy?

I believe that my programme will enable you to make your switch, as long as you do the work and meet me halfway! If for any reason, you feel within the first 30days of purchase, that the programme is not for you, you can get in touch, share some of your thought and your homework and receive a refund.

How do I get access to the content?

You have lifetime access to the Your Breakthrough course and materials. Your access to group coaching and your 121 are valid for a year from purchase. 

What if I like my job but I just want a career review?

This programme is designed to help you to both reflect on your ideal career and to begin the search for it. So you can explore the reflection piece, revise your CV and your LinkedIn and explore your options, and then come back for action steps when you are ready to plan and execute your move.

I already know what I want to do next - will this course help?

Absolutely. If you are clear on your direction you can focus your attention on the second half of the programme, where we look at how to position your reasons for your career change and how to convince that you have the right transferable skills. Plus, you will benefit from our toolkit for moving into action on your career change!

How exactly does this all work?

Do you remember the days of the correspondence course or distance learning? Online learning is like that, but better! We blend a mix of pre-recorded and prepared lectures and materials with live group coaching and a Facebook community, where you can get specific feedback on your questions and concerns and benefit from the support of the group. 

Start your new life today for just £497 or 3 payments of £167. Enroll now.

OR come to a FREE web class to find out whether Your Breakthrough is for you. Find out more.

Remember: we’ll give you your money back if you’re not completely satisfied.