“It was great to meet you today, and thank you so much for the Hero’s Journey Workshop, I really enjoyed it and found the whole thing extremely thought-provoking and great fun. I believe it will also be very useful going forward, not only with my Spark Inside work, but potentially with some of my other client work too.”

Tony Phillips

The Mile Each Day Coach,

Erica has not only got me “unstuck” on more than one occasion but has provided advice and suggestions that have helped move my business idea and my relationships forward. She is web and social media savvy and has provided me with insights that I might have got from a professional consultant – all as part of the service. Best of all she is super company!

Lucy Davies

Entrepreneur and Business Owner,

Thank you for awakening in me a sense of adventure and some real confidence. Could never have done it without your support. And you can quote me on that!

Charlotte Hudson

ì think I personally learned a great deal about confidence and success from you. When we first met I had no idea that it was possible to make my dreams a reality, but you showed me that all the resources I needed were already available to me, and you gave me the confidence to practically carry out my vision even when I felt hemmed in by what others might think of me. This happened again when I was in Devon thinking about how to step into the unknown, and thanks to that conversation we had over the phone I plucked up the courage to follow my heart.

Louisa Michel

Entrepreneur and Business Owner,

Erica was great to work with as I embarked on a career change and setting up my own consulting business. She was a great sounding board to work through ideas and approaches and was very helpful when it came to getting what I wanted and not compromising. She’s really good at working with individuals to do the ‘hard thinking’ and really focus on what they want to do.

Dan Bright

Brighter CRM

I thought Erica was very good and provided some really useful practical
step-by-step advice on how to turn your goals into action or keep them

Angela Brown

Interesting Talks Member

Now there are these practical issues to work out. If I dedicate two days a week to painting can I forge a career with that, is it too little time? I don’t know. But it’s certainly satisfying to be doing it at all. Nobody says ‘I wish I’d spent more time in the office’ on their deathbed. I found our process difficult as you know – and I simply would not have attempted to negotiate this change without you. Thank you so much for getting me back onto my path.

Jason Jenner

Sales professional returning to his heart felt passion – Art

Erica listened to my situation in detail then, with a couple of simple tweaks to my approach, she completely shifted the way I had been tackling my career issue. She suggested clear, straightforward action points that built on the skills and resources that I am already using. I came away from the session re-energised and with the sense that I can use the tools I already have to get the job done in a better way now, thanks to her perspective and support.

Rebecca Wood

Founder, Editing UK

Erica helped me make a real decision about which path to take in my career. Her experience with people and skill in knowing the right questions and gave confidence to decisions I had already subconsciously made. The most poignant part of our conversation was when she suggested I make friends with the part of me that is anxious as this is my mind trying to help me, to ensure I don’t fail. Instead of fearing thi I should use those anxieties to inform my research and add support to my decisions. I would recommend Erica to anyone who is feeling stuck and needing guidance in taking the next step.

Smiljka Dimitrijevic

I feel re­-energised! The rudder is re­attached! No more floundering for me. I will be spreading the word.


Investment Manager

You have literally turned my life around! I now have a clear plan for my business and am absolutely sure I will get there. I loved the work on my mission statement too ­ helping me remember that my family is the inspiration for me in this.

Karen Burr

Media and Film Translation

It was a fantastic, high­-energy session and I’ve had so much positive feedback already. Your structured suggestions for maximising value of the mentoring sessions were exactly the kind of practical advice I was hoping for, but it was brilliant that you were able to weave in so much interactive discussion as well.

Alexandra Notay

­ULI UK Executive Director,

Erica came to St.Pauls on the 14 of January 2014. Charismatic and entertaining, she gave a lively, enjoyable and motivational talk to the boys, inspiring them to think about choosing the right career path and take charge of their life.

Neville Sanderson

Head of Universities and Careers,

I attended your workshop at the Teach First Conference 2014 and it had a real impact on me as I was experiencing some career turmoil at the time! I bought your book at the conference and I have found your writing about the quest very helpful at various points throughout the last year. I decided to get back in touch as it would be really great to tell you in person about the impact your writing has had on me.

Olivia Richards

Teach Firster

I can’t tell you how much confidence you’ve given me for getting back into the job market, and even if i don’t go for either of these positions, i’m definitely feeling more prepared for the whole recruitment process. You have done so much for me, and if i’m ever in a position to return the favour it would be my absolute pleasure to do so!

Nina Harvey

Transferable Skills Course Participant

Working with Erica for our inaugural women’s network event was a great start to our programme. Erica is an extremely engaging presenter and brought energy, passion and enthusiasm to the topic of career goals and aspirations. The event was such a success we have been inundated with requests for another! I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Erica again.

Laura Brownsell

PR Manager

Morning! I am in the process of leaving my day job to embark on owning my own business. I purchased your book last Sunday and read it on the train from London to Edinburgh and I thought it was amazing! I am now in Starbucks working on my plan! I read a lot of personal development books and loved yours – thank you for the book!

Orlaith Brogan

I am loving your book! I love the way you write – its as though you are in the room with me. I love the journey – it feels as if I am going to find a treasure chest or a crock of gold at the end of the rainbow. It has charm, humour and delights. It’s persuasive and gentle at the same time. It’s easy to follow and do the exercises and its fun! Terrific! I shall be giving it to all of my friends!

Helen Guinness

I think you are great! You actually awaken a sleeping part of me. Thank you for the motivation.

Cebisilie Nyambe

I cam across Your Life Plan while in hospital. Every week I would look for a magazine I hadn’t read or attempt to find something that would inspire or uplift me while having my cancer treatment. Your book has changed my life. I could not believe the clarity I experienced from it. I now have a reason to get up an be strong and to fulfill my quest. I thank you kindly from the bottom of my heart. Now I can be my own hero, although you are mine!

Claudette Bell

I thoroughly enjoyed the programme and the way you use examples, quote and stories to make it so relatable to my own life!

Lola Adunsi

Thank you Erica! I am making a major transition, and the simplicity of your four stage model got me back to basics and gave me the time and space that was the final piece of a jigsaw.

Margaret Chapman Clarke

Coach, Author and Psychologist

When I met you I was a frustrated mum who knew her potential just wasn’t being realised. You made me see that I should not give up on chasing my dream role. You ask useful questions without being intrusive and I would highly recommend you to others. Since we spoke, I have been offered the role I wanted in my organisation and with your encouragement am negotiating an increase in salary to do it!

Kavita Parkyn

Just a quick note to say thank you so much for your workshop on Tuesday. As I mentioned as I was leaving, the approach you shared is something I think that will be hugely helpful when it comes to working with clients who spend  a full day with me. It feels like a fantastic way of helping them to unpick their story and craft a more resourceful ending.

Susan Ritchie

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