Your Life Plan: How To Set Yourself on the Right Path and Take Charge of Your Life.

Imagine if you had a Life Plan

A clear direction. A clear purpose. A plan to get there.

I didn’t have one growing up. School didn’t show me how to navigate who I am, what I love and how to design my life accordingly.

I decided I would find out.

I ran workshops with schools, Uni’s, Governments and corporates. I studied how we tick, what motivates us and how to get stuff done. 

Done For You

This book, Your Life Plan is the result. It’s crammed with practical methods to help you discover yourself, find the right career or work project and design an action plan to get you to your goals. 

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If you want to create a life you will love then look to new book Your Life Plan by Erica Sosna. It is a fun and helpful support as you take even the smallest steps.”

Daily Express

I wish this book had available when I was younger to save me from some of the dead ends that I found myself in! Still it’s never too late, I have it now. It is one of the best self help books I have read.

It is particularly useful if you are looking to start a new challenge, or need a new direction but can’t quite work out what that might be.

Euryale, Amazon

I really enjoyed this book. I found it well written, engaging and it made me see clearly why some of my quests in life succeed and others don’t.

Compared to other books I have read about taking control of your life, this one really made me feel that I could apply the ideas to the challenges I face. Now I keep it close by to refer to when I need a bit of a boost.

Alex Lanridge

I truly would recommend this book to anyone who has let their dreams be pushed to the side and needs to be reminded of them… actually I would just recommend it full stop. It’s fab, it’s well written and it’ll change your life by spurring you into action.

I had a lot of ‘aha’ moments and it helped me clarify what I wanted to do with my life.


Millie Scarlett, Amazon