Careers Consultancy and Storytelling for Leaders

My Consulting Practice

I transform great leaders into company assets.

In my years as a leadership consultant, I’ve trained top professionals at PayPal, RBS, HSBC, AXA and Aspen Insurance to become impactful storytellers and effective leaders.  I also offer a range of online learning experiences to help your talent take pro-active steps to define and make their next career move.


Sample projects include:

  • Design and delivery of interactive, experiential leadership education, including impact, presentation, storytelling, performance conversations and employee engagement.
  • Revitalising and launching new product and service lines, including the launch of a Customer Experience practice for a large training organisation and the development of a new line of business in ‘The Leadership of Risk’ in another.
  • Working alongside world class consultancy firms to revitalise their learning design, pitching skills and business model and to help them profitably harness disruptive technologies and trends in learning.
  • Repositioning career conversations, career coaching and performance coaching as a key driver for success in an entrepreneurial insurance firm.


In addition, I work with selected client companies to help them refine their career journeys, have better quality career conversations and enhance their career coaching and mentoring programmes, through the use of the Your Life Plan methodology.
When you give your talent the tools to own their career story, engagement and retention rocket. And when you don’t, they walk. I’d love to hear more about your organisation. Let’s connect today.