Hi! I am Erica Sosna, a career coach, speaker, founder of Your Breakthrough and the Author of Your Life Plan.

ericaprofile roundI help creative and talented professional people in mid-life to overcome their fear of change so they are able to do the work they love.  

But this is not as easy as it sounds.

What was careers advice like at your school? Or even at college? I am willing to bet it was pretty dire.

Mine certainly was. So for years I did what I thought I ‘should’ dotrying to fit into a mould, trying to take the normal route, and trying to make work, work

And then, the big aha!

I remember the exact moment. I stood outside the Home Office on my first day. I looked across from the gloomy concrete bunker to the building in the other side of the road. The Channel 4 building. With funky, happy people in trainers, going up and down in glass lifts doing creative, cool stuff. I looked down at my suit and back at the building. And I shuddered.

In that moment, I knew…. I was on the wrong side of the road!

It was then that I realised that unless we really understand ourselves and our unique design, we will never be fulfilled at work. And  therefore, until we get over our fear and shame about not ‘fitting in’, we are trapped and stuck too.  

As a result, I committed to discover who I was, what motivated me, and in what worlds of work I thrive. And because of this I created the Design Diagnostic and The Fear Reversal process that underpins all of my work with my talented, yet trapped clients. 

Overwhelmingly, most of my clients have never been asked what they like and what inspires them. Many are post-grads, very well qualified and yet, no one in all that education thought it might be useful to help them understand who they are and in what environments they function best!

Your career is a series of choices ­ and yet, most of us found that our career sort of ‘happened’ to us. Because we didn’t have clear criteria for how to make the choices. 

What you may not know is that it is possible to develop a unique ‘user’s guide to you‘. My three-step model helps individuals to discover themselves, overcome their blocks, and make plans to get to the other side!

In Part 1

We discover who you are underneath it all. My unique Design Diagnostic gives you a complete picturea user’s guide to youthat transforms your ability to find work that suits you best. 

in Part 2

We dive into the fears, stories, programmes, and opinions that have been making it hard to make the changes you want and desire in your working life. Using the Fear Reversal technique, we get underneath these myths and bust them once and for all, and giving you outstanding confidence in your own ability. 

In Part 3: We Lift Off! Now that we know who you are, what you want and have created the mindset to make change happen, we develop an Action Plan to get you to the other side with fun, freedom, and a sense of adventure! You will leave with a crystal clear idea of your next steps and huge motivation to get started. We might add methods for CV revisions, interview practice, and networking into the mixall depending on your unique Life Plan. 

Over the years I have helped hundreds of people get unstuck, and released from career traps. I’ve done this in one on ones and in group workboth online and in person. 

Jason was a frustrated artist trapped in a sales role, with a baby on the way. We developed an understanding of his risk profile and got him a new role that provided him with the same money, but more time to focus on his art. 

Gilly had a few fantastic years at the BBCon the forefront of one of its flagship programmes. But she was burnt out. Together we identified the massive drive in her life to make a difference on the ground. She is now enrolled in a masters with a plan to launch a social business after graduation!

Gemma was a childminder. She was great at what she did, but having her home invaded daily by kids, parents, and OFSTED was proving overwhelming. She wanted to be out and about, socialising with parents and working on her own schedule. The mobile beauty business we devised helped her do just that.

Claire was a recruiter for actuaries. She was very good at it. But inside she has always dreamed of working with horses and living in the country. She had even sacrificed her beloved doggy for her career in the city. We reunited her with her pup and found her an ideal role, insuring racehorses and bloodstock. 

Linda had spent many years in the teaching profession and was recognised for her deep expertise in emotional intelligence, but the school system and bureaucracy was really getting her down. Together we identified her dreamto design and run workshops for teachers and children in emotional intelligence, and fill the gap in education for emotional well-being. We developed a plan of action to launch her business and she is now doing just thatmaking a huge difference to children all over the country when they need it most. 

These are just a few examples of my successful switchers.

And you deserve this, too. You deserve to do what you love.

Own Your Story

The key to my approach is the use of story. Your story. We spend time getting to know your character, preferences and skills. This understanding helps us then to know what kind of work would suit you best. Then we construct the story to get us from here to there. We accept there will be twists and turns and challenges and fear of change. And we keep going. And together, we write a new chapter for your career future. 

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